Image Rotation allows you to create an image which changes everytime it is displayed on a webpage. First you need to host your images at ImageShack, PhotoBucket or any other image host as does not provide image hosting. Then use this site to rotate the hosted images.

To see an example, reload this page and the rotator image to the right will change. Here, you can create your own rotator which will diplay different images (whose links you provide) every time the rotator is loaded.

Whoops! This one's deleted, try reloading.

You could use a rotator for your website, blog or MySpace profile. It can also be used for sigs, userbars and avatars! Just use your imagination.

The rotator can be set to display the images randomly or linearly (in order). There is an advanced option where you can set a time limit in seconds, minutes, hours etc. This means the rotator will not change (rotate) when it is loaded unless the time limit has passed.
Note: The rotator will not change unless it is reloaded.

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